Our Approach

Our work stems from the four pillars that make up our company’s identity.

We start with empathy. Our work is situated at the crossroads of social impact and sustainable business. Understanding and experiencing others perspectives and pains is vital to our work.

We are design led problem solvers. Our work continually evolves through current research and experience. We have developed ways to co-create ingenious products, spaces and experiences.

We believe that mindsets govern what’s possible. Our work seeks to grow disruptive mindsets in grassroots communities to transform the way they build their collective future.

We know that social drives everything. Our work helps people to see that they have something to offer and that it is valuable. Essentially, we build the table for sharing.

Meet the Team

Andy Crowe

Co-Founder/ Managing Director/ Tech Guru

Andy is passionate about learning and seeing others engage with ideas they might not have otherwise. His background in education and leading new developments and innovations has allowed him to grow organisational capabilities across different teams.

He is a human experience designer at hear. Always obsessing about the way in which people experience change in meaningful ways and building new and unlikely connections through empathy.

Rui Peng

Co-Founder/ Creative Director/ Art Guru

Rui is passionate about space and how it is utilised to engender community based initiatives. Through research and collaboration he has founded a growing appreciation for the Open Source movement and its infinite possibilities.

He is especially interested in the way Open Source technologies can help to democratise production and utilise the biggest design team ever, the people. He is married to Halee, and a friend to many.

Keewin Fam

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Filmmaker

As a graphic designer, illustrator and filmmaker, Keewin is passionate about the art of storytelling through these mediums. He has an active interest in how the various techniques of each medium engage people to share their stories, spread knowledge and create experiences with meaningful impact.

Sarah Idle

Writer / Editor / Digital marketer

Sarah has almost 10 years’ experience working with words. She’s passionate about the work Critical does and helping to spread Critical’s story through the power of words.